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Our Solutions

Our building automation system services offer a wide variety of solutions. Our specialties are building automation system retrofits, system integration, and support of Niagara (AX and N4), BACnet or LonWorks protocol based controls systems. If your building is currently using this equipment or you are looking for upgrade solutions, we are here to provide our services.

Controls System Installation

When installing a new building automation system, it is essential to understand what it means to have an open system! Often “Open” systems are sold and installed that still require proprietary licensing and programming tools. Tryg Group offers Niagara based open-licensed front-end equipment and BACnet field controllers. This type of platform solution allows us to integrate with many different systems and gives the end-user future options.

System Migration

Not always is it cost-effective to change out a complete controls system. We believe there are opportunities to upgrade the functionality of existing systems using Niagara, BACnet, LonWorks, and even legacy control systems while keeping previous investments intact. Tryg Group can integrate various devices from several different manufacturers, add Web Interfaces, analytics tools, and other modern features.

System Monitoring and Support

Tryg Group offers a variety of supporting and managing options for your building automation systems. Our experienced, factory-trained experts are here to assist in system operation, software upgrades, programming changes, and optimizing your building's energy performance while maintaining tenant comfort.